How often shall I use TINKture?

Every 2 -3 hours in the first couple of days. It will help with pain relief and assist in reducing any swelling & potential bruising. TINKture will also guard against possible infection. Remember, you only need a thin layer of TINKture, too much moisture may cause excessive scabbing (this refers to any moisturizing product, not just isolated to TINKture).

How much should I use?

Make sure your new tattoo is well covered with a thin layer of TINKture – not so it's dripping, but a good layer applied to and around the area. Your tattoo should not feel tight or dry while using TINKture if this does occur, reapply another 'thin' layer.

Rapture Product

RAPture must NOT be applied directly to the skin but inhaled (preferably 6-8 drops on a tissue) during your inking session.