When should I apply TINKture?

Best case scenario is to apply TINKture as soon as the tattoo is complete before cling wrap is applied by your tattoo artist.  This will assure a really good start to the healing process.  After 2-3 hours, remove the cling wrap, rinse well with warm water and then reapply a thin layer of TINKture.

How often shall I use TINKture?

Every 2 -3 hours in the first couple of days.  It will help with pain relief and assist in reducing any swelling & potential bruising. TINKture will also guard against possible infection.  Remember, you only need a thin layer of TINKture, too much moisture may cause excessive scabbing (this refers to any moisturising product, not just isolated to TINKture).

How much should I use?

Make sure your new tattoo is well covered with a thin layer of TINKture – not so it's dripping, but a good layer applied to and around the area.  Your tattoo should not feel tight or dry while using TINKture if this does occur, reapply another 'thin' layer.

Should I expect scabbing at all?

During healing, some tattoos will form a protective layer of skin which will then peel away, and others will form a scab - it's completely normal, and depends on your type of skin and the way the tattoo artist's worked the skin.

In some cases, thick scabs can sometimes be formed as people over-apply moisturiser to the healing tattoo. Only a thin layer of TINKture is needed to moisturise the tattoo - too much may cause excessive scabbing.  So if your scab is turning too mushy when you apply TINKture, you are probably using too much. It is important, however, not to let the skin go 'tight', if this happens, re-apply a thin layer of TINKture.

If any scabbing occurs, resist the urge to pick at it as it may degrade the image. Let it heal naturally.

Should the skin be overworked and cause some minor scarring, continue to use TINKture as it has properties to help reduce any scarring.

Are there any possible side effects?

TINKture is made from 100% natural plant-based carrier & pure essential oils & its main purpose is 'wound healing'. The dilution of the blend is such that people with sensitive skin should be fine to use TINKture. During the testing phase, TINKture was used on people with very sensitive skin with no reaction or side effects.

Please do not confuse a reaction to TINKture with pigment rejection, a reaction to the ink or being too heavy-handed (this may cause unnecessary scabbing / 'sloughing', as would any moisturising product that is used too heavily). TINKture needs only a thin layer applied and is safe to use little & often.

In the unlikely event, you do react to TINKture rinse with warm water & a mild detergent (reactions are rare in properly prepared & correctly diluted essential oil blends, such as TINKture). If you are concerned you may react to TINKture, patch test an area on the inside of your elbow first. Apply a couple of drops and leave for a couple of hours. Should no redness or itchiness occur, you should be fine to use TINKture.

Why are the ingredients of TINKture & RAPture not published?

Simply to protect the IP (intellectual property) and prevent mimics and cheap copies.  Both products are highly successful and very unique in the market and we at Le'Esscience Ltd were advised by our company lawyer to follow strict 'Trade Secret' guidelines.  The recipe of TINKture & RAPture is protected under these guidelines.  TINKture contains high-quality essential oils & carrier oils (6 & 4). RAPture contains high-quality essential oils (3).

I am experiencing pigment rejection, should I continue to use TINKture?

Yes, continue to use TINKture as normal as this will also help to relieve the symptoms of pigment rejection (pigment rejection can represent itself as a spotty rash around and/or through the tattoo, sometimes spots can form with small heads containing pus).  The oils in TINKture are chosen specifically to assist in healing the skin.

How long should I use TINKture for?

For optimum results, it is highly recommended to use TINKture for 2 weeks (no less) although safe to use for longer. Complete cell regeneration can take from 3-6 months, TINKture has properties that assist cell regeneration so its ideal to keep using once a day for as long as you feel necessary. Any unused TINKture can be applied to your tattoo to help keep it 'sharp & colourful' too!

I have a rash from being shaved for my tattoo to be done, can I still use TINKture?

Yes, continue to use TINKture as normal. The oils in TINKture are chosen specifically to assist in healing the skin.

I keep hearing 'just use a cream for nappy rash'

Nappy rash creams are just for that, nappy rash. The cream also creates a barrier over the skin, therefore not allowing the skin to breathe, this can cause pores to clog and potential irritation.  They tend to be thick and sticky and can pull on the skin when applying.

As stated, a new tattoo is a 'wound' and needs a product specifically to assist with the healing process and this is exactly what TINKture does (and more).

What 's in Tattoo Inks?

An interesting scientific article which discusses what's possibly in tattoo inks

In the Ink |Scientific American

Should you have a reaction to ink/experience pigment rejection, continue to use TINKture (as directed) as it will help to relieve the symptoms while continuing to assist in the healing process

Can I use TINKture for anything else?

Yes!  TINKture can be used after the treatments of laser tattoo removal.  Because TINKture is a 'wound' healing product, it is perfect to assist in the quick healing of these treatments.  It provides pain relief, protects against infection and provides relief during the itchy stage too!  Very favourable and positive feedback has been given using TINKture for this.

TINKture can also be used for general rashes, sunburn, insect bites, burns etc.... If you have questions about how TINKture can be used this way, please contact us.

Can I use RAPture if I'm pregnant?

No, RAPture must be avoided during pregnancy, however, it can be used during labour by inhaling during each contraction - it is very calming and helps with panic & anxiety. RAPture must NOT be applied directly to the skin but inhaled (preferably 6-8 drops on a tissue) during your inking session.

Can I use TINKture if I'm pregnant?

Yes, you can. TINKture is also gentle (but powerful) enough to use on children too (for insect stings/bites, rashes, burns and general skin conditions).