New Tattoo Set -Tattoo Aftercare, RefreshINK & Rapture Combo

Regular price $63.95 NZD
Sale price $89.90 NZD
New Tattoo Set -Tattoo Aftercare, RefreshINK & Rapture Combo
New Tattoo Set -Tattoo Aftercare, RefreshINK & Rapture Combo
Regular price $63.95 NZD
Sale price $89.90 NZD

Save money by buying Tinkture & Rapture in a bundle!

Please note: You will receive 1x 7ml bottle of Rapture and 1x35ml Tattoo Aftercare & 1x35ml of RefreshINK bottle.  

Rapture should not be used during pregnancy, it must not be used neat on the skin or ingested.  Use only as directed. 

RAPture Calming Synergy (Alternative to Numbing cream):- 

Will help with that light headiness, and help you recover quickly from feeling faint (and the nauseous that can come from it) that "I CAN'T TAKE anymore" feeling. It's very easy to use, either inhale directly from the bottle or if you need a stronger 'hit', add 6-8 drops onto a tissue and inhale deeply. Use as & when required – it's brilliant and, like TINKture, 100% natural (made from high-quality essential oils).

Tinkture Tattoo Aftercare:- 
TINKture is unique because it is made from pure essential oils and plant-based carrier oils. It doesn't just soothe, but will greatly assist the healing process.

The properties of the essential oils in TINKture are analgesic, antibacterial, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, cell regenerating.

TINKture has been made to assist with the following (if used as directed):

Providing pain relief
Greatly reducing swelling & bruising
Providing relief during the itching stage
Powerful but gentle antiseptic/antibacterial properties
Aids in speeding the healing process
TINKture is a 'wound healing' product, a fresh tattoo, in all its beauty, is a fresh wound and requires proper care & protection!



Introducing Tattoo Refresh INK - Restore dullness in your tattoos with RefreshINK. Applied daily, Refresh INK will hydrate and keep your skin healthy whilst adding vibrancy to your ink. If used as directed, you will notice your skin will be less dry and look refreshed.

Made with plant-based carrier oils and pure essential oils, the properties of RefreshINK are cell regenerating, and balancing. Will mimic natural sebum in the skin, as well as gently protect it with antiseptic, anti-inflammatory & antimicrobial benefits.

Here are some key features of Tattoo Refresh INK:

  • Made with essential oils that are vegan
  • Contains cicatrisant properties that aid in healing, rejuvenating and regenerating skin cells
  • Works as an antiseptic to keep your skin clean and free of bacteria
  • Balances the natural sebum in your skin to keep it hydrated without feeling oily
  • Has anti-inflammatory properties that help to soothe irritated skin
  • Acts as a bactericide to prevent infections and maintain healthy skin
  • Restores your tattoo's color and vibrancy, making it look fresh and new

Tattoo Refresh INK is easy to apply and can be used on all skin types. Simply apply a thin layer to your tattoo and massage it gently. Use daily for best results.

Invest in your tattoo's health and longevity with RefreshINK. Add it to your cart today and give your tattoos the care they deserve!

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